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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. We hope that this information will be of assistance while you go through our website.
If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

Is your program a preschool or a child care?

We are not a “preschool” in the technical sense because we are open for full day rather than just a few hours, nor do we simply provide “child care.” To best describe us, we are a “child care center with a preschool component”. Families get the best of both worlds: full-time or part-time child care with two meals, a snack, and nap time, along with a developmentally appropriate learning environment.

Do I have to schedule an appointment to visit the Center?

Although parents of enrolled children are welcome to visit the Center at any time, prospective parents should call first to discuss scheduling an appointment. This way you can be sure that someone will be available to talk with you and show you around the Center.

How long is the waiting list? What are my chances?

We are asked this question all the time. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to tell you in advance what your chances are. A number of factors determine how soon a child can get in. Because currently-enrolled children often continue into the next semester, the number of available openings for new children can only be determined towards the end of each semester. Therefore, the number of new children we enroll also depends on the types of schedules requested (part- or full-time), space available in specific classrooms, and the date we received your application.

Will my child get in faster if I wait for part time?

Because it is so difficult to predict openings, we encourage families to request the schedule they truly need, and not what they hope will get them enrolled quicker. If you are able to be flexible, please indicate that on your application–see Future Enrollment.

(For student parents) Can my child come even if I do not have classes that day?

Yes. Once enrolled, a child can attend on the days that you do not have scheduled classes.

How do I update my application to stay active?

The waitlist is updated every six months. Please Contact Us to update your information at any time to stay active. If we have not heard from a family within the six months, or do not have current contact information for a family, especially if we have attempted to contact them about an opening, they are removed from the list.

How do I know I got in?

When your application is selected from the waitlist, the Children’s Center will notify you of your eligibility to enroll. An appointment will be scheduled for you to come to the Center to complete the Registration and Tuition Agreement and pick up additional paperwork necessary to complete enrollment.

If my child is still on the waiting list when they have a birthday do I go to the bottom of the list for the new age group?

Your child’s name will be added to the age group waiting list by your original date of application. Their application will be higher on the list than those who applied after you did and lower on the list than those who applied before you did.

How is it possible someone who applied after I did was offered a space before me?

While it is unlikely this will occur, it is possible for someone who applied after you did to be offered a spot before you if any of the following situations apply:

* Your preferred start date is after theirs
* The opening is in a different age group
* Your preferred schedule is not available
* Their position on the Priority of Enrollment is higher (see Future Enrollment)

I was told or I heard

Well-meaning friends, relatives or acquaintances sometimes inadvertently provide or share misinformation. A simple call to the Children’s Center will give you the most accurate and current information. To get precise answers to your questions about the Children’s Center, please contact us.

Do you offer drop-in care?

We do not offer this type of child care. Parents can call the Idaho Careline for assistance in finding a program that does provide drop-in care.

Can you recommend any other early childhood programs?

Choosing a quality early childhood program is an important decision. Many factors will determine which program best meets your needs. One program will not necessarily fit everyone’s needs. Please utilize What To Look For in a Program from NAEYC to assist you with this decision. The Children’s Center does encourage families to seek NAEYC Accredited programs. Families may also utilize the Idaho Careline.