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Family Involvement

Male staff holding guitar while toddler girl strums its strings with the help of her mother
Whether you are new to the Children’s Center or have been enrolled for a while, we welcome you to spend time with us. Visiting will help both you and your child feel comfortable and connected. We have an open door policy – families are always welcome to participate in classroom activities, field trips or join us during mealtimes. The teaching staff can help you in choosing an activity and making suggestions. In addition to classroom opportunities for involvement, all of our family members are invited to join the Children’s Center Parent Committee for family participation at a program-wide level.

Parent Committee

The Parent Committee acts as an important link between the Children’s Center and the families to help coordinate a range of family and Center activities. Activities that the Committee participates in includes: fundraisers, classroom representative, hospitality at family events, Teacher Appreciation Week, and also helps promote a sense of community within the Children’s Center. The Parent Committee works alongside various Children’s Center committees which are comprised of teachers and either the Center Director or Assistant Director. Additionally, as a member of the Parent Committee you can:

  • Advise staff in the development and implementation of local program policies, activities, and services.
  • Plan, conduct, and participate in informal and formal programs and activities for parents and staff
  • And participate in the recruitment and screening of Children’s Center employees.

You are valued and needed! You have an important voice and your involvement makes a difference for your child.